• Wide range of engine and motor driven applications.  
  • Cooler is able to fit the engine, compressor, and multiple gas stage coils all into one unit.  
  • Vertical fans and horizontal cooler sections allow this cooler to provide maximum cooling capacity.  Cooler utilizes a forced draft air design, which decreases fan horsepower requirements.  
  • EADS standard designs offer industry leading safest loading and transportation handling with top mounted lifting lugs. EADS standard structure utilizes thicker gauge material — provides a more robust cooler and helps extend equipment life. 
  • Scalable to cool substantial volumes of process fluids.  
  • Add on options for this cooler include items such as: hail guards, bug screens, and auxiliary louvers.  
  • Supplied with top-of-the-line bearings, fans, and shafts to minimize operational costs and improve run time. 
  • Structure offered with customer preferred paint or galvanizing. 


  • Adaptable to field compression units in the range of 300-5000HP.  
  • Fan diameters ranging from 60” to 144”.  
  • Adjustable 2 to or more vertical fan arrangements with horizontal sections.